Easy detection of foodborne pathogens

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Food or feed contamination can be a devastating for any food or feed handler in the supply chain from the grower to the processor, manufacturer, retailer or restaurant. Many companies never recovered from a food contamination incident. Recalled food sickens hundreds each year and is a huge financial burden to the companies from farm to retail.

Detect emerging risks by using a new advanced ATP testing technology to test all surfaces for potential pathogens. Tests that are used today are costly and not timely, that’s why most of the food/feed handlers avoid to test or are not testing often enough. A new detection equipment is the necessary technology that will substantially improve food safety and cut costs.

Testing for foodborne pathogens in food and feed is a requirement by FSMA since March 8, 2011 and is already an essential part of any quality control or food safety plan.


With an easy to use surface swap test you can get the result in seconds. Detect possible risks of Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli or other food borne pathogens for resanitation before the product is processed and packed for distributition and before someone else detects a contamination, or people, pets or livestock gets hurt. The test is nonspecific: It cannot identify the nature of contamination, only its presence.

ATP testing is one of the few predictive diagnostic tools available in food industries from field to fork.

For about $ 3.00 +/-  a test it's not worth to to take a risk for yourselve or the consumer or a the lastest development shows, facing criminal charges for putting contaminated food or feed into the supply chain.