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    FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)

    Listen to FDA officials on March 19, 2013 explaining, who is exempt or not for registration, handling, shipping, and packing:


    • Exemptions for which small farms
    • Exemptions by products
    • Exemptions on labeling
    • Exemptions for Tester users
    • Non exemptions for Farmers Markets
    • Non exemptions for roadside markets
    • Non exemptions for CSA’s
    • Non exemptions for grower/packers


    We would like to share with you a resource that’s not easy available about the FDA new water rules but very important. The values for pathogens in water and the questions and how FDA answers them are in this MP3:


    • What changes are required for water
    • What uses are not exempt anymore
    • Which water sources have to be tested
    • How often is water testing required
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