Compact Solar / Electric Tractor

Frequent asked questions; Handles 1 or 3 veg rows or 1 row center isle 44 inches

Total width 38in

Total length 77in

Total height 41 in hood, steering wheel 46 in.

Wheelbase centers 48in

Total weight 930 lb....including Batteries

Frame 10 ga welded steel

Fenders 14 ga.

Hood 16 ga.

Tires front 16-6.50-8.....Turf tread or Farm Tread

Tires rear24-9.50-12....Turf tread or Farm Tread

Run time depends on type of work, Planting , cultivating , soil prep

Mow time up to approx 3 acres of normal grass

Recharge time approx 8 hrs. To 10 hrs. Appox 10 cents worth US.

Top speed 7 MPH on good road bed

On board Smart Charger 120 volts...helps battery life

On board 2000 lb Winch for lifting attachments front, bottom, and rear

Paint single stage automotive with a rust inhibitor primer and undercoating

LED lights front and rear plus reflector tape

Seat, brake, and throttle safety switches. Main power switch

Dash switches are dust and waterproof

Transaxle, 5 speeds forward 1 reverse and electrical reverse

Heavy duty speed controller for Drive motor 18 HP fan cooled

Power by 6-6volt=36 volts Trojen deep cycle batteries

Heavier plates than normal golf cart batteries

Battery life 10 years if properly maintained with Distilled Water

Comes with drink holder and tool tray

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