Ag-Pack Hydro Cooler / Sanitizer

Turn-Key Packing Plant installed by ScoringAg in Kenscoff, Haiti. Watch our State-of-Art Technology for Food Safety in this Video made by the Government of Haiti:
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Reduces post-harvest food losses, increases the quality of your product, extends shelf live and
makes more money for all the hard work.
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Cool promptly after harvest as mostly the surface is what carries pathogens, and field heat just produces pathogens faster, if the product is not cooled fast enough.

Fruits and vegetables are also susceptible to contaminants introduced after harvest by use of contaminated field harvest containers.


Combine Produce Sanitizing & Hydro-Cooling with a

vegetable wash/sanitizing product

By using PAA and Hydrogen peroxide, you’ll get a 5 log reduction in pathogens in seconds, and it is a prevention step that can be recorded for your FSMA records.

These units help even the small farmer as they are affordable and cost effective.


This 10’ long portable unit is built to last and is to be located where it is needed

Now Fresh Fruits and Vegetables can enjoy the hygiene of a cool glass of Milk

Just as milk requires fast refrigeration and sanitizing, produce does also


Plug the Ag-Pack Hydro-Cooler Unit into a 220 outlet,

add a sanitizer/produce wash and water,

add several scoop shovels of cubes or crushed ice

or turn on the ice-less refrigeration unit and it is ready to operate.