USA - New Hydro-Cooling unit a practical Solution for Food Safety

10 May 2012

ScoringAg Solution Provider for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) recordkeeping, food safety and traceback requirements, introduces a new food safety integrated Hydro-Cooler to the produce industry to prevent the spreading of foodborne pathogens in the food chain.

The new AG-Pack Hydro Cooler operates within minutes as it is all integrated, hooked- up, charged and ready to operate upon arrival. The unit takes the field heat out of harvested produce crops which increases the volume of sellable crops and can do a kill-step using PAA and hydrogen peroxide on food borne pathogens at the same time. Field heat that causes quality and pathogen problems is not a problem anymore as it takes only a short time to remove it from the fruits or vegetables, affordable even for the smallest growers. It works for leafy greens and sprouts as well. The 100% all stainless steel units are built to the highest food safety standards.  The straight through design is efficient for putting RPC's or lugs loaded with a harvested crop.

The Hydro-Cooler-sanitizer Model 275 uses food grade ice to do the cooling either from an ice machine on site or purchased ice. The Hydro-Cooler-sanitizer Model 250 has a 5 ton stainless steel coil water conditioning cooling system. This iceless hydro-cooler system removes heat from produce fast whether fruit or vegetables thereby enabling them to severely decrease, if not actually eliminate, the potential for sanitary issues and food safety hazards (biological, chemical, or physical) being introduced into commerce.

Now everyone can promptly respond to food safety preventions within their processes that have inevitably resulted in a potential food safety hazard being overlooked. Achieving food safety prevention requires taking appropriate steps to prevent problems at every step along the farm-to-table chain. The higher the crop holding temperature, the greater the softening and respiration rate and the sooner the quality becomes unacceptable for commerce.

The database links tracking and traceback food/feed sanitation recordkeeping info of all food and feed, ingredients, containers and beverages whether it's perishable produce commodities or not and makes managing product tracking information easier and more secure - and does it in an extremely cost effective manner. The next time you visit your favorite restaurant or grocery store, think about where all that food comes from and you will understand the need. and its traceback and traceup system, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping and PIDC location codes, is located in Venice, Florida, USA, specializing in providing food industry solutions with food safety equipment, mobile database data, printing equipment, via wireless PDA's, laptops, and programmed Smart I-phones and other units like Androids using RFID and GPS bar-coded labeling, with the real time database.

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